How to choose a portative organ? (Intro)

19/05/2019 — Cristina Alís Raurich — < 1 min read
Categories: Instrument Making, Performance Practice, Portative Organ

Are you thinking of buying a portative organ and don’t know what model is best for you? Have you never seen one and don’t know what aspects of the instrument are important to be aware of before buying?

Many people contact me every year to ask for help on choosing which portative organ to buy. Sometimes they are musicians who have never played a portative, in some cases they have had the chance to try one and need advice on what to look for when trying out different models.

I therefore decided to create a series of videos (10 at least!) focusing on various elements of the portative organ that are essential when searching for your ideal instrument. The videos will be found in a Youtube playlist, and will appear over the coming months.

What these videos are not about: I will not name any portative organ maker at all. There is no publicity or favoritism of any kind. This is an educational resource. That means only the constituent parts of the portative organ will be discussed.

There are several good reasons to be cautious before deciding which will be your future instrument. Watch the video to know more about them!

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