Organetto: Buy, Build or Kit?

29/02/2020 — Cristina Alís Raurich — < 1 min read
Categories: Instrument Making, Performance Practice, Portative Organ

From the series of videos “How to choose a portative organ?”, the latest video is now available:

Find out different ways to obtain your desired organetto.

You can buy your organetto from an organ maker, build it yourself from scratch, or assemble it from a kit. Also you might be considering a second hand portative organ.

It is important to consider your expectations, your budget, and the use you want to give to your organetto.

If you want to know more about this series of videos you can watch the first video of the series which explains my reasons for creating these short videos.

Although they will cover many topics, your questions about portative organs are welcome and I will be happy to address them in the coming videos.

Enjoy the video and all the best choosing your organetto!

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